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Denture Prothesis

Partial dentures

The partial prosthesis, in comparison with the complete prosthesis (denture), is an apparatus for replacing one or more teeth in order to improve phonetics, chewing, and aesthetics.

Complete Dentures

The complete removable prosthesis, commonly called dentures, is a natural teeth replacement device. It is said to be complete because the prosthesis replaces all of the teeth, either the upper jaw for a top denture or the lower jaw for a lower denture.

Prosthesis on bar implants

Caries, periodontics and trauma are the main causes of loss of one or more teeth. When the total dentition is touched, the alveolar bone tends to atrophy. There are then some modifications in the physiognomy (thinning of the lips, appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, etc.

Denture Implant

Mouth Pièce

  • A Useful protection

    Good protection is essential when practicing certain activities. As much as if you participate in a contact sport (football, hockey, etc.) or a sport with a high risk of injury or trauma (cheerleading, in-line skating, etc.).

    A Useful protection

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