Complete Dentures



The complete prosthesis, commonly called denture, is a replacement device for natural teeth. It is said to be complete because the prosthesis replaces all the teeth, either of the upper jaw or the lower jaw.

Several options are available to you for complete dentures: a metal palate, a soft base, etc.

These additional options make it possible to increase the comfort, the esthetics or the masticatory efficiency.

 The principle is the same as with partial dentures, that is to say that we offer complete economic, intermediate balanced or high-end dental prostheses with BPS certification.

It is important to consider the prosthesis on implants. This is the ultimate treatment ensuring unparalleled comfort and optimum stability. Do not hesitate to discuss it with our qualified team to obtain the necessary information to make an informed choice.

A visit to our Denturist Clinic will guide you in making the right choice for your mouth taking into consideration your budget.