Partial dentures



The partial prosthesis, in comparison with the complete prosthesis (denture), is an apparatus for replacing one or more teeth in order to improve phonetics, chewing, as well as aesthetics. The skeleton of the partial denture is made in a specialized laboratory by dental technicians from measurements, fingerprints and prescriptions from our denturists. We have a close collaboration with them, which allows an efficient and neat work. These labs use 3D printing technology, which ensures seamless privacy with your natural teeth. As a team, we study your mouth to make the most effective hook and the most aesthetic possible. Several kinds and qualities of metallic partial exist. A visit to our clinic will guide you in the right choice for your mouth. A partial denture can benefit from several additional options to increase comfort, aesthetics or masticatory efficiency. We often compare it to an automobile to which we can add several additional options to satisfy you. - The principle is the same as with full dentures, that is to say that we offer standard, intermediate balanced or high-end partial with BPS certification