general advice


General advice

-Rinse your mouth after each meal.

- Thoroughly clean your dental prosthesis just like natural teeth.

 -Brush gently all surfaces with a prosthetic brush and a toothpaste or foam designed for this purpose.

 -Remove your prosthesis at night to let your gums and mouth rest.

 -Clean your gums.

 -Soak your prosthesis overnight in lukewarm water or a product recommended by your denturist.

 -We suggest you do an annual check of your dentures with your denturist. We offer you the free consultation service, which determines whether the prosthesis needs adjustment, repair or replacement.

-Your annual visit gives us the opportunity to professionally clean your dentures and ensure the general health of your mouth.

 -We must expect a period of adaptation. The lower prosthesis often causes more discomfort. The first meals can be a little difficult but you will adapt gradually. Your Denturist will accompany you in the process of adaptation and he remains available for your adjustments if necessary.

 -According to the Quebec Order of Denturists, it is important to remember that a removable denture must be changed or readjusted on average every five years and sometimes much earlier for lower dentures.