a useful protection

A tool more than useful !

Mouth Piece

The denturist can make an oral protector on the spot to protect natural teeth during the practice of a sport. The different contact sports are one of the main causes of concussions.

It is possible, thanks to the making of an oral protector, to protect your dentition and articulation, while decreasing the risk of concussion, to let you enjoy your leisure without hassle. The mouthguard is made to measure from a mold of your dentition. We offer several colors of mouth protectors!

The importance of protectionA good protection is essential when practicing certain activities. So much if you take part in a contact sport (football, hockey, boxing, etc.) or a sport whose risk of injury or trauma is very high.Although it can not ensure you to be fully at home. free from fractures or wounds, the wearing of an oral protector greatly reduces the likelihood of such a result. Although the basis for such an assertion is unclear, many agree that wearing the mouth guard would reduce the risk of concussions.