The repair

It's almost always possible to repair a dental prosthesis. Having said that, it is very important for the patient never to try to stick the breakage with glue or any other product. Repaired in this way, the prosthesis risks to break again and can then no longer be repairable. I suggest that you contact a denturist as soon as possible to ensure proper repair.It is strongly recommended to always keep your old prosthesis because, if a break occurs during a weekend, you can then use them until you find a denturist to repair them. It is certain that these will not be as well adapted as your current prosthesis, but with some adhesive to dentures (Poli-Grip or Fixodent) you will then be able to function temporarily. All repairs are carried out on site in our laboratory in about an hour. In some cases, the breakage may be irreparable so we advise you to renew your prosthesis. Most of the time, breakage occurs when the prosthesis is very old. At this point, if the patient opts for new prosthesis, the repair of the old prosthesis is free.